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Easy Ways to Secure Firefox Browser

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

There is a need to secure Firefox browser because despite all the stellar reviews of this browser, it still has many inherent vulnerabilities that may threaten computer security.

One of the more persistent concerns of many Internet users is the need to secure Firefox Browser. Characterized by multiple vulnerabilities that are unpatched, this browser may allow sensitive date to be exposed to unauthorized users.

The Mozilla Firefox browser is an open source browser that initially came as part of the Mozilla Application Suite. As of August 2008, it had become one of the world’s most popular browsers in terms of worldwide usage. It currently ranks second to Internet Explorer using this criterion. This browser is compatible with various types of operating systems, like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. Furthermore, this browser makes use of a Gecko layout engine to display web pages and includes such features as tabbed browsing, incremental find, live bookmarking, download manager, and spell checker. Its version 3.0.1, which was recently launched in July of 2008, is widely considered to be its most stable version. The current version was created and designed to fix numerous bugs that were encountered during previous versions, as well as improve the browser’s compliance with standards. So impressive has been the reception of Internet users for this browser that it has obtained more than 8 million unique downloads since its launch, earning this browser a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The widespread adoption and use of Firefox even during its first year was the result of an aggressive marketing campaign that was aimed at spreading awareness about this browser.

Mozilla Corporation, the company behind Mozilla Firefox, is constantly making an effort to improve the performance of Firefox browser, as evidenced by the many versions that surfaced since its initial public debut. In line with this, the company has also launched an initiative to provide rewards to whoever can discover major security holes in Firefox.

To those in the know, the main advantage of Firefox over the Internet Explorer is the former’s improved security. Compared to the latter, it has a lesser number of publicly known security vulnerabilities. The presence of even a single vulnerability is enough to make any system insecure. Nevertheless, like any other software application, it can encounter a number of reliability problems or bugs. The Firefox browser can likewise suffer from problems related to Profile Issues, Theme Issues, Extension Issues, and Corrupt Preference Issues, which might need a clean reinstall as resolution. Despite all these security issues, Firefox has been declared by many prestigious entities, like and CNET, as the world’s best browser.

To secure Firefox browser, its security settings could be changed by simply selecting the “tools” and “options” option on the menu bar, respectively. Usually, the default security settings are adequate in providing security in most cases. However, if there is a need for additional security, users can choose to disable the JavaScript and Java features, which are listed under the Content tab. Privacy settings could also be changed to limit access to cookies by simply clicking the Privacy tab. Moreover, there might be a need to change passwords from time to time or to disable the “remember passwords for sites” option to increase browser security.