Getting Rid of Deleted File Tracks from Your Computer

It is important to know how to get rid of deleted file tracks from your computer. This means the difference between exposure and privacy for the deletion of sensitive information.


PC Optimizer PRO

Combination of useful tools

All-in-One system cleaner, which includes registry cleaner, tracks eraser, file shredder. There are also some add-ons, which make the software especially useful - startup manager and built-in backup system. There is also an option to scan PC online. Buy for 29,95 online.


Blancco File Shredder

by large security software supplier

Blancco file shredder

While Blancco Lite and Pro are primary for large businesses (company has over 1.5M licensed end-user in various industries), we recommend to try Blancco - File Shredder (buy Blancco File Shredder for $32.45). This tool is a file shredder, which supports shreddering of single files, folders, recycle bin, temporary files and wiping of free disk space.


ShredAgent file shredder

with background mode wiping

Shred Agent file shredder

The Shred Agent is so-called "background mode" file shredder. This approach to wiping is more secure and easier to implement in business of any size. With Shred Agent you also can wipe free disk space for selected drives or schedule the wiping on a regular basis.

The professional version of Shred Agent costs $60, but home users for non-commercial application can purchase the tool for $45.


WinShredder File Shredder

with system and browser cleaner

WinShredder - file shredder by PCSecurityShield

PCSecurityShield is a well known internet security solutions provider, which focuses on personal privacy and security tools, including antiviruses and online shields.

This is a very nice feature-rich utility that can be purchased for $29.99 in company online store.


Max File Shredder

uses 7-pass DOD wiping method

Max File Shredder software

Max File Shredder uses a 7-pass DOD wiping algorithm for both file wiping and wiping free disk space. Also, the program has a "Privacy Guard" options that helps to get rid of unnecessary records in Internet Explorer browser.

The program is available in Max Secure Software online store for $29.95.

Learn more about file shredder and disk wipers in our file security blog.


Protects auto-startup list

Proctect start up list with TaskManager
TaskManager and TaskManager PRO were designed to help users manage with auto-startup list of Window, as the auto-load list is the way various piracy software get loaded each time you start PC. TaskManager provides user with flexible way to find possible security issue and block it.

The software is available as  Standard and PRO version.

As much as we hate to admit, we all leave tracks whenever we access any type of website. And these tracks are easily accessed by just about anyone who knows how to go about this system. With people out there who know how to hack into this particular system, you cannot help but wonder why they would indeed try to hack one’s Internet activities by means of these tracks you leave when you visit websites. This is, more often than not, associated with illegal activities or purposes. If you are not too comfortable with the idea, then there is a need to know how to get rid of deleted files tracks from your computer.

There are actually a lot of software applications that you can use. Knowing the different features offered by these software applications would greatly help you. This can be of huge benefit, so that you can weigh the different options that are available in the market right now. For the most part, here are the general features offered by the lot of software applications.

Protection of privacy and enhancement of PC performance

With just one click of your mouse, all of your Internet tracks will be securely erased by these programs. By Internet tracks, we mean Internet history, unnecessary cookies, web pages and pictures from sites you have visited, chatroom conversations, temporary files, deleted emails, Windows swap file, and even the files that you have previously deleted. These files may include personal files, pictures, audio files, files containing sensitive information, confidential letters, and even the files you deleted from your Recycle Bin. What’s more, there are times when some tracks are automatically stored in the form of hidden files in your system. This is even done without your approval or knowledge. Software applications can weed this information out and can destroy them completely.

Full support for popular browsers, applications, and programs

It is very important to find applications that offer full support for browsers that are popularly used by a lot of Internet users worldwide. These popular browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Opera, and MSN Explorer. Other popular programs that are supported by applications that specialize in the deletion of files tracks from PCs include Kazaa, iMesh, Morpheus, Limewire, Napster, Direct Connect, Shareaza. As for popular programs affiliated with the applications, these include Windows Media Player, Yahoo Messenger, RealPlayer, ICQ, and many more.

Full support for custom privacy needs

Of course, the privacy needs of Internet users can differ from one user to another. Thus, software applications also come with features that support this fact. The applications can be programmed and customized accordingly. You can also define the erasure methods that you would prefer to use. Password protection can also be customized, as well as command-line parameters.

These are just some of the features offered by the many software applications developed for secure deletion of file tracks from computers. With the help of these applications, you can then be assured of secure privacy protection from the many hackers that can infiltrate your system very easily.

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