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Wipe Free Disk Space with File Shredder

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Personal Privacy Vocabulary

  • Wiping - the process of overwriting information with random data to make it unrecoverable.

  • Wipe Free Disk Space - wiping operation for free disk space, which might contain sensitive data. The latest note in this section is: Secure deleted files on your laptop

  • File Shredder - the computer utility, which helps to wipe files and wipe free disk space is a file shredder. The latest note in this section is: If you are going to sell your PC

  • Number of Passes - the number of times file shredder will overwrite information.

  • Temporary Files - files that software programs create and delete silently.

  • Background Mode Shredder - file shredder that doesn't require any action from user-side.

  • Recycle Bin - is a temporary storage for files, which are not actually altered in any way.

  • Clear Recently Files - the list of recently accessed files, called also MRU list.

  • Browser History - the Internet browsing log file, which might contain all data you read or saw online. The latest note in this section is: Browser security and protective software

  • Browser Cookies - records created by web-site on your PC, might contain your passwords and logins.

  • Personal privacy. Learn more about file shredders, disk wipers and system cleaners in privacy blog.

Disk wipe and file shredder related articles

The most popular file shredders

Blancco File Shredder

by large security software supplier

Blancco file shredder

Visit Blancco company homepage.

While Blancco Lite and Pro are primary for large businesses (company has over 1.5M licensed end-user in various industries), we recommend to try Blancco - File Shredder (buy Blancco File Shredder for $32.45). This tool is a file shredder, which supports shreddering of single files, folders, recycle bin, temporary files and wiping of free disk space.


If you face computer sale security problem, then you might be interested in using Blancco - Lite (buy Blancco Lite for $25.95) for total wiping of PC hard disk before sale and Blancco - Pro (buy Blancco Pro for $110.50), designed for unlimited number of wiping.

Shred Agent file shredder

with background mode wiping

Shred Agent file shredder

Visit Shred Agent homepage.

Shred Agent is a file shredder designed by AKS-Labs, also known for its security solutions, Recent Cleaner and Find Protected.

The Shred Agent is so-called "background mode" file shredder. This approach to wiping is more secure and easier to implement in business of any size. With Shred Agent you also can wipe free disk space for selected drives or schedule the wiping on a regular basis.

The professional version of Shred Agent costs $60, but home users for non-commercial application can purchase the tool for $45.

WinShredder File Shredder

with system and browser cleaner

WinShredder - file shredder by PCSecurityShield

Buy WinShredder file shredder for $29.99.

PCSecurityShield is a well known internet security solutions provider, which focuses on personal privacy and security tools, including antiviruses and online shields.

WinShredder is a file shredder designed by PC. It allows to overwrite data unlimited number of times (that's good, but today it is enough just 1 pass).

More over, this shredder allows to wipe chat transcripts, temporary internet files and clipboard data.

This is a very nice feature-rich utility that can be purchased for $29.99 in company online store.

Max File Shredder

uses 7-pass DOD wiping method

Max File Shredder software

Buy Max File Shredder for $29.95

Max File Shredder is another popular file security software created by Max Secure Software. The company has offices in Silicon Valley and main development center in India.

Max File Shredder uses a 7-pass DOD wiping algorithm for both file wiping and wiping free disk space. Also, the program has a "Privacy Guard" options that helps to get rid of unnecessary records in Internet Explorer browser. More over, you are able to scheduler the wiping to make an automation wiping of free disk space. We recommend to do this once a week.

The program is available in Max Secure Software online store for $29.95.

File security and Personal Privacy Vocabulary

learn meaning of some security related words to choose wise

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